Our luminaires are engineered to accent elements of an interior and to adapt to in-room design changes with ease. Rotation and tilt are easily adjusted, with the light on, so you can not only see the effect as you are creating it but also indentify the precise degrees of adjustment for consistency across luminaires.


Whether manually with our Fraxion SLIM or using a common Phillips screwdriver with our Fraxion Standard, tilt can be modified up to 40° so you can set the exact angle desired. A patented sliding pivot point is engineered into the design, allowing for the center beam of the light source to stay in the center of the aperture throughout the adjustment cycle. Rotation is 360+° so you never have to worry about blind spots.


Adjusting to a full 45° and rotating 357°, our 2 Series offers the greatest degree tilt in the smallest aperture with the maximum number of possible effects devices. The tilt mechanism on the luminaire is hot aimed and spring loaded so when removed or placed in the ceiling, it will easily maintain the original adjustment angle.


Using patented industrial hinges that can handle 3x the weight of the luminaire, our Cylinders can be manually tilted up to 90° and rotated up to 357°. Designed for ceiling and wall mount, Cylinders are versatile and may be angled upwards or downwards to light anything from a vaulted ceiling to a retail display.